Sites Unseen

24th Jan – 11th March 2018

Sites Unseen is an exhibition of paintings by Chrissy Collinson and ceramic pieces by Martin Harman.

Radiance by Chrissy Collinson










Bolthead in Pink and Rust by Chrissy Collinson










The Tenfoot Series of paintings is a distillation of Hull’s hidden and unseen urban routes. These hidden routes have provided inspiration for me as an artist who lives in Hull and is intent on discovering the picturesque of the everyday, the roughness and irregularity of the mundane. My paintings are not though to be viewed as exploitative of the ‘down at heel’, but observation of this urban picturesque and are paintings first and foremost.

It would seem that Hull’s Tenfoots appear to be held together by flaking paint and rusting hinges. My paintings are as varied in subject matter and colour as the Tenfoots are in diversity.

The resulting compositions are intended to concentrate the viewer’s gaze to a certain mark, form and/or structure of, or upon, a surface that initially caught my eye. The Tenfoot Series is an expression and first hand exploration of a familiar (to me) landscape through the concentrated and detailed process of painting in oil paint on an intimate scale.


Composing Contrast by Martin Harman













Horizon by Martin Harman













I am a British artist who creates unique handmade ceramic sculpture. Construction, imagination, possibility and curiosity is central to my work.

These ideas are translated through a constructive process that I use to create each individual sculpture. These results can be categorised into themes such as clouds, organic architecture and personal experience.

My sculpture is intended to invite new ways of seeing and experiencing. It allows viewers the opportunity to evoke their own curiosity through questioning the meaning behind the work.