Fountain ’17

Fountain ’17

Fountain 17

Fountain 17 joins the British Ceramics Biennial 2017.  The exhibition will show at the Gladstone Pottery Museum:

Tuesdays – Saturdays, Wednesday 6 September – Saturday 28 October

1st April – 14th May 2017

A group show with visual artists, sound artists, poets and storytellers

A collaboration between Hull School of Art and Design, Armitage Shanks, Studio Eleven at No. 12 and Kingston Art Group in Hull. Fountain ’17 celebrates the one hundred year anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s iconic readymade “Fountain”, and two hundred years of Armitage Shanks.


Fountain ’17 explores this coincidence of anniversaries and celebrations in 2017. Artists, poets and designers have been commissioned to respond to Duchamp’s intervention one hundred years on.


Fountain ’17 website




Fountain17 events in Hull, March – May 2017.  (HSAD = Hull School of Art and Design)

24th March           Opening of the student and community exhibition, Brodrick Gallery HSAD: 6-8pm

29th March             Visiting Speaker Andi Dakin (sculptor) and project overview – HSAD lecture theatre: 12.30-1.30pm

1st April                Exhibitions open KAG, Eleven, Humber St Gallery 11am – 6pm

                              Talks, screenings and performances from 12.30pm: Humber St Gallery

5th April                 Visiting Speaker Helen List (art/design historian)- HSAD lecture theatre: 12.30-1.30pm

25th April               Critical discussion event – HSAD: 6-8pm

26th April               Visiting Speaker Jesc Bunyard (sound artist) – HSAD lecture Theatre: 12.30-1.30pm

3rd May                 Visiting speakers Rob Walton + Russell Coleman – HSAD lecture theatre:12.30-1.30pm

3rd May                 Critical discussion event KAG: 7-9pm

6th May                  Art workshop – ‘Embrace your Inner Surrealist’ run by Lauren Saunders at Artlink: 10.30-12.30am

6th-13th May          Hack and Host intervention

13th May               Closing event/performance, Mike Chavez-Dawson


1st April opening day programme

11am                            Galleries open – KAG, Eleven, Humber St


12.30pm                      Paul Minott: ‘Fountain: a delay in porcelain’ -Lecture

1.45pm                        Robin Levien – welcome

2.00pm                        Lemn Sissay – Writer, Broadcaster and Fountain 17 Artist

2.15pm                         The Habsburgs: Alternative Facts – performance

2.30pm                        Amanda Lowe: R.Mutt – songs

2.45pm                        Graham Beck: performance

3.00pm                        Mary Aherne: Beauty of indifference – poetry

3.15pm                        Jesc Bunyard: The Sound of Duchamp’s Fountain excerpt from soundscape

3.30pm                        Peter and Gillian Byrom Smith: Marcel’s Last Word excerpt from musical composition

3.45pm                        Mike Chavez Dawson: Performance/lecture

4.00pm                        Marcel Craven: Impasse -film

4.30pm                        Closing and thank you

6.00pm                        Galleries close


Starts: 1st April Ends: 14th May