Light & Colour

14th March – 6th May 2018

Aqua Blue by Louise Watson MA (RCA)

Glass artist and designer Louise Watson MA (RCA) creates architectural and kiln-formed bespoke glass installations for interior and exterior locations within the public and private sectors.  Her work can be found internationally within public and private spaces from London and Paris to Japan.


Watson’s inspiration is drawn from the immediate surroundings; architecture, environment, colour, light and form.  Louise builds up a series of layers of glass pieces, which are ‘fused’ together during the firing process. Several beautiful tones of colour and reflection are achieved during this heating process, which, causes the physical movement of molten glass colour.  Such movement is emphasised when creating sculptural and curved forms as the glass reflects light.  Motivated by the endless possibilities of manipulating glass through kiln forming, Louise is constantly enthused by the physical changes that occur during the heating and cooling process.  A passion which thrives from the anticipation of changes that happen in the kiln within the firing.

 Deborah Grice MA(RCA)









Painter Deborah Grice

Deborah Grice (MA RCA) graduated from the Glasgow School of Art and studied painting further at The Royal College of Art, London. Deborah paints the raw land, the emptiness, and the weather. She travels to places where the she feels the landscape and climate best illustrate human emotion. Her paintings can become quite metaphysical – representing vastness and “otherness”. She produces oils on canvas, a series of limited edition prints, and works on paper.  

In 2017 Deborah won several awards including the  Award for Best Painting from the MidlandsThe Discerning Eye Prize Exhibition,  The ‘Saul Hay Award for Emerging Artist’  New Light Prize Exhibition.

“I use local natural objects to draw with and always produce my work en-plein-air. I embrace landscape that resonates with emptiness as well as finding inspiration by being amongst nature away, from modern distractions.”

“My intention is to produce imagery that speaks of our innate and powerful relationship with our landscape which is becoming increasingly lost.”