Re:defined at Eleven

4th November 2017 – 15th January 2018

A group show of professional artists working in the region and beyond. Curated by sculptor Saffron Waghorn, the show will profile exceptional art in a variety of forms from across the region including artists, Sarah Daniels, Sue Kershaw, Anna Kirk Smith and Adele Howitt.



Gold Spirograph by Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniels work exists as she says, ‘to breach the gap between the natural environment and urban/architectural spaces’. Her work results in design, pattern and repetition. She makes connections with the fabric of our surroundings. Her current work is created by her inspiration of the weather and of our seasons. Specific themes include natural bodies of water, and autumnal plant patterns.

Shifting Sands by Sue Kershaw

Sue Kershaws latest mosaics represent ‘carrying all the elements of life continuously’. They represent the push and pull of these conflicting and harmonious elements, ‘Re:defined’ and freeze-framed. They are imbued with a sense of redirection, a spiritual aliveness and a belonging vie for their own spaces.

 by Anna Kirk-Smith

Anna Kirk-Smiths work is a nod to a familiarity of coastal seaside resorts. She ‘explores the profound undercurrents of stark reality versus unadulterated nostalgia: their ‘authenticity’ and selective representation of the past. The work ‘Costal Disappointments’ arose as a real-fake souvenir shop from actual experiences and perceptions that lurk beneath a sparkling veneer of seaside cultural commodification and idealisation.’



Starts: 4th November 2017 – Ends: 15th January 2018