A Mosaic Path

11th July – 25th August 2024

Curated by guest artist, Linda Ingham, this new exhibition is inspired by the ecological term: A Mosaic Path.

Artist: (top left, clockwise) Linda Ingham, Precipice – Normanby Pollard, Oils on Canvass; Richard Hatfield, Morning Light, Oils on boards; Steve Gresham, Loch Themed No.4, oils; Katie Braida, Ceramics; Helen Thomas, Moss – Ings Road III, acrylic on boards.

Rising from the rubble or waste aggregates in ‘brown field’ sites, the mosaic path is the proliferation of plants that are thriving in adverse conditions. This low fertile environment provides the potential for a diverse mosaic of planting which can be very beneficial for wildlife. There is enormous scope to promote this approach at all scales to create climate change for people and wildlife.

Close observation of storeys and stories of places conserved, disturbed, reimagined, string across Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire.  The artists research and form a visual metaphorical path.  The selected artists’ works are gathered within this exhibition to offer us an exploration of the land in this current climate crisis.  A land that speaks of the present, past, and future.

A Mosaic Path is a short survey of landscape and place through the eyes of four artists considering such subjects today.

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