Bryan Berue Since graduating from Loughborough University in 1998 with a BA Hons in 3D Design, Bryan has been producing sculptural ceramics by casting from discarded packaging and other familiar household objects. These are collaged to form new entities, often taking a satirical look at consumerism and its influence on […]

Bryan Berue

Clarissa Dixon is a painter-printmaker and a gallery assistant at Studio Eleven. She produces abstracted paintings and prints informed by photographs taken around Hull; focusing on texture, pattern and small details around the city. The work is very focused on the materials and process with emphasis on texture and surface. When […]

Clarissa Dixon

June Barker June Barker is a print maker. She currently runs members support print workshops at Studio Eleven. My favourite printmaking genre is collagraphs, which allows me to use lots of texture and colour to bring quite different “moods” to my work. I have an affinity with most print methods […]

June Barker

Clare Holdstock Clare Holdstock is a gallery assistant and assistant curator at Studio Eleven. My works dissect urban spaces. From these spaces I select objects – kerbs, road signs, discarded rubbish, transmuting them into abstract forms. I am fascinated in the dichotomies as well as the corporeal connections between these […]

Clare Holdstock

  Kjersti Emberton   Kjersti Emberton is a studio holder at Studio Eleven. She also runs regular print workshops in our workshop space. Born of Viking stock in Norway, Kjersti has lived in Yorkshire for the last thirty years, and now resides off Chanterlands Avenue in Hull. An experienced potter, […]

Kjersti Emberton

Ceramic landscape
Adele Howitt Adele Howitt is the Director of Studio Eleven. Adele Howitt is an artist who predominately works with clay. The work has long been associated with innovation, site specificity, creative engagement and place making within the public realm on large – scale projects. Design and flow for the greater […]

Adele Howitt