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2nd September 2023 to 5th November 2023 Studio Eleven Gallery presents our Freedom Festival exhibition: Botanical Blueprints With Cyanotype Prints by Angela Chalmers and Botanical Ceramic Sculpture by Adele Howitt. Angela Chalmers is an artist based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Her creative practice reflects her passion for the Victorian era. […]

Botanical Blueprints

Upcoming Exhibition: 6th July 2023 – 27th August 2023 Curated by Painter, Linda Ingham. Painters:Judith TuckerRobert MooreDavid Ainley Curated by guest artist, Linda Ingham, this new exhibition is inspired by the ecological term: A Mosaic Path. Rising from the rubble or waste aggregates in ‘brown field’ sites, the mosaic path […]

A Mosaic Path

Upcoming Exhibition: 11th May 2023 – 2nd July 2023 Marginal areas in the landscape have increasingly become of interest to Lesley, and have formed the subject matter for this collection of semi-abstract oil paintings. Areas on the edges and at meeting points within the landscape are often overlooked. At the […]

View Points

Do you already have experience working with clay and the techniques involved? Perhaps you have completed our Beginner’s Pottery Course and want to continue making in clay? Then this is for you! Self-directed with dedicated support in various techniques and the support of other members of the pottery club. Current […]

Pottery Club

16th March 2023 – 8th May 2023 Exhibition featuring works by Clare Curtis & Anna Lambert Chiefly a lino cutter, but also producing lithographs and screen prints, Clare Curtis’ work reflects her passion for British 20th century art and design and although the subject matter may vary a love of […]

Spring Exhibition

Exhibition: January 26th 2023 until March 12th 2023 (Preview January 28th 2023) Featuring works by: Linda Ingham Andrew Tyzack Harvey Taylor John Dearing Kate Jordan Ceramics by Helen Beard. Andrew Tyzack paints about our perception of and relationship with animals. These animals inhabit his dreams, and through painting, drawing and […]


10th September 2022 – 15th January 2023 Heirloom: noun a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. Hornsea Potteries, which became a much-loved household name in the 1960s, has been revived after 21 years.It is with pleasure that Studio Eleven is offering this unique exhibition within […]


2nd July 2022 – 4th September 2022 Preview: Saturday 2nd July 2022 12pm – 2pm Painter Myles Linley, and Ceramicist Adele Howitt. Myles Linley – Landscape Artist Myles Linley draws and paints the last remaining areas of landscapes that may be considered the Wilderness. The compositions capture flat lands, ghosts and […]


12th May 2022 – 26th June 2022 Our Summer Exhibition at Studio Eleven – Artist Martin Nelson Construction, Screen Prints, Reliefs. “Limit gives form to the limitless.  All things are numbers.” Pythagoras. Can art be found in numbers? This is the question that has directed the artistic output from Martin […]


16th March 2022 – 8th May 2022 Join us for the preview: Wednesday 16th March, 12.00pm to 2.00pm for refreshments. Since retiring from a career at Hull School of Art & Design, Malcolm and Mandy have started a new life in Devon, returning to the city to present this inspiring […]

Spring Exhibition