2nd July 2022 – 4th September 2022 Preview: Saturday 2nd July 2022 12pm – 2pm Painter Myles Linley, and Ceramicist Adele Howitt. Myles Linley – Landscape Artist Myles Linley draws and paints the last remaining areas of landscapes that may be considered the Wilderness. The compositions capture flat lands, ghosts and […]


12th May 2022 – 26th June 2022 Our Summer Exhibition at Studio Eleven – Artist Martin Nelson Construction, Screen Prints, Reliefs. “Limit gives form to the limitless.  All things are numbers.” Pythagoras. Can art be found in numbers? This is the question that has directed the artistic output from Martin […]


16th March 2022 – 8th May 2022 Join us for the preview: Wednesday 16th March, 12.00pm to 2.00pm for refreshments. Since retiring from a career at Hull School of Art & Design, Malcolm and Mandy have started a new life in Devon, returning to the city to present this inspiring […]

Spring Exhibition

February 3rd 2022 – 13th March 2022 Christopher specialises in producing Chiaroscuro graphite drawings to capture the atmosphere of the British Isles. Aiming to capture the mood and romance of the English countryside, Chris uses deep blacks and high contrast to create a graphic style influenced by the fine art […]


Sarah Louise Hawkins painting Alter 2021
21st October 2021 – 23rd January 2022 Preview Saturday 23rd October 2021 XMAS Open studios – Saturday 13th November 2021 Sarah Louise Hawkins Lives and works in Manchester, United Kingdom. She is an artist making sharp-edged and precise abstract works exploring the spatial and optical capacities of colour, shape, pattern […]

The Winter Show 2021

Well mixed media
26th August 2021 – 16th October 2021 Preview Saturday 28th August 2021 ​12.00am – 3.30pm Join us for the preview and meet the Artist, Peter R Coates      Workshops on street – Saturday 4th September 2021 Peter R Coates began work on The Conversation three years ago after a bereavement […]

The Conversation

1st July 2021 – 21st August 2021 Preview Saturday 3rd July 2021 New Paintings by Artist Susan Beaulau. Susan Beaulau spends her time between India and the UK. Susan is one of Yorkshire’s prominent narrative artists with a focus that combines landscape painting, this exhibition features her reportage of the […]


Wednesday 12th May 2021 – Saturday 27th June 2021 Our new exhibition entitled, GATHER.  Featuring artist Linda Ingham, joined by Ceramicist, Adele Howitt. Join us for the preview and meet the Artist, Linda Ingham. Saturday 15th May, 12pm – 3pm.   In a socially distanced manner, we may now GATHER!  Studio Eleven […]


Exhibition featuring: Sara Dudman and Deiniol Williams 28th October 2020 – 10th January 2021 Deiniol Williams – Ceramics Deiniol’s ceramic practice explores the dichotomy between rhythm and discord, balance and disorder. Bringing together raw and unrefined materials and incorporating them into the clay, he seeks to find the harmonious point […]

The Winter Show

Featuring: Ceramics by Irena Sibrijns & Illustrations by Gillian Martin 12th September 2020 – 25th October 2020 Restrictions due to COVID 19 means our opening are from Thursday – Saturday 11am – 3pm. Irena Sibrijns  – Ceramicist. Originally from the Netherlands, Irena has settled in Suffolk.  A selected member of […]

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