Clay Journeys by Loretta Braganza

20th June – 6th September 2015

Clay Journeys by Loretta Braganza


Clay Journeys – A new exhibition by the York-based ceramist Loretta Brangaza, opens on Saturday, 20th June at Studio Eleven, Hull, until Sunday 6th September 2015, travelling from Bedes World, Jarrow.

Water plays a central role in Braganza’s new work and is partly inspired the riverine and maritime cultures of Jarrow and Hull. Clay Journeys explores the interactions between earth, air, fire and water and relates to a deeply felt sense of place for Braganza whose preoccupation with water is not surprising having grown up in the great port city of Mumbai, formerly Bombay, by the Arabian Sea.

Loretta Braganza says:

“The sculptural forms I use distil and fuse other art form practices that are part of my journey as a ceramicist.

A lifelong passion for Indian dancing manifests itself in the choreography of my ‘groups and related shapes’ and in the way the exhibition is displayed.

The use of rhythmic surface patterning stems from my background in textile design and my Fine Art training reveals itself in the painterly methods of scumbling, impasto and translucent water colours.”


 Starts: 20th June Ends: 6th September

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