12th May 2022 – 26th June 2022

Our Summer Exhibition at Studio Eleven – Artist Martin Nelson

Construction, Screen Prints, Reliefs.

“Limit gives form to the limitless.  All things are numbers.” Pythagoras.

Can art be found in numbers?

This is the question that has directed the artistic output from Martin Nelson.

“It has focussed upon me that art might be found within numbers. However, within my work there is a deep sense of process, not the printmaking process or the assembly process but an unknown process that I believe I have no control over. This process like nature is organic; indeed, nature exerts a continual influence over my work. And, in turn, I have been able to draw upon this process through my knowledge of geometry and mathematics as the main constructive aid by which my ideas acquire visible form.”

However, I cannot help thinking in terms of the unknown, the unforeseeable territory in which I have entered, one whereby nothing is concrete or absolute. Rather the opposite, one that is totally unpredictable and obscure. I derive a great deal of satisfaction when seeing an idea work, and the delights of serendipity, the discovery of something new and unforeseen to me during an enquiry that appeared to be heading elsewhere. 

Martin Nelson’s work has been exhibited across the UK both in solo and group exhibitions.  Nelson’s work is recognisably collected nationally and internationally.

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