Made on the Clay

29th Aug – 21st Oct 2018


Flame Floral Seedpod by Zoe Hillyard













Zoe Hillyard.  Ceramics.

Zoe’s work and research activities are inspired by cultural exchange and strongly influenced by ethical concerns.  Travel, teaching and volunteering all influence her creative practice.

‘I am particularly drawn to remote communities where lives are fundamentally shaped by landscape and climate, and am interested in how fibre and textile skills often play an important part in livelihood activities.  A year working in Mongolia provided a valuable insight into a less materialistic approach to living and one which relies on protecting the balance of a fragile environment.  During these experiences, I use photography as a tool to observe and record.’
Graduating in embroidery, my professional practice has been shaped by combining undergraduate teaching with freelance design work, selling embellished knitted textiles and designing tailored knitwear.  Recent postgraduate study looking at craft initiatives within international development now provides the broad context for future work and collaboration. 
The design process, for me, begins with materials – both raw and recycled and CeramicPatchwork reflects this approach.  It builds on my interest in hand craft processes, construction and form, and in my belief that items should be treasured for the long-term.  Zoe has completed commissions for the V& A and exhibited widely.


Gold Spirograph by Sarah Daniels













Sarah Daniels

‘My artwork exists to breach the gap between the natural environment and urban/architectural spaces with results inclining towards design, pattern and repetition. Whether a ripple in a puddle or a Fibonacci mathematical sequence found in a flower, I am truly inspired by the patterns, textures and sculptural forms found in nature. My work draws connections from the very fabric of its surroundings. Recently I have been chiefly inspired by patterns created by changes in the weather and seasons.  I started to concentrate on specific themes, which included natural bodies of water, autumnal plant patterns and the ambiguous nature of fog.’

Sarah is based in Hull and has completed many public commissions including the ‘Venn Bridge’ in 2017.  She presents a new body of work inspired by her photography and manufactured in acrylic.