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Upcoming Exhibition:

11th May 2023 – 2nd July 2023

Hedgerow by Lesley Heaton

Marginal areas in the landscape have increasingly become of interest to Lesley, and have formed the subject matter for this collection of semi-abstract oil paintings. Areas on the edges and at meeting points within the landscape are often overlooked. At the foot of trees, in the hedgerow and at the water’s edge, there is a wealth of flora which provides a vibrant, multi layered, and colourful scene.

Interior Trees by Peter Heaton

Whilst landscape often forms the subject matter of Peter’s work, there is also a concern with working with what has been termed ‘Spirit of Place’

“Peter takes a subject and through his camera lens they become haunting and magical and stay in the mind. Photographs that transcend technique, (although important) into a strong and powerful visual art form. The images create a kind of visual alchemy, that draws the spectator in”. – John Sprakes, painter, RBA RO.

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