February 3rd 2022 – 13th March 2022

Sun Rise, River Hull – Christopher Knox

Christopher specialises in producing Chiaroscuro graphite drawings to capture the atmosphere of the British Isles.

Aiming to capture the mood and romance of the English countryside, Chris uses deep blacks and high contrast to create a graphic style influenced by the fine art photography of the late 19th century.

“My process starts with getting to the location as early as possible with sketchbooks producing quick chiaroscuro drawings to capture the early light and atmosphere. Using the sketch book to trigger my memory back at my studio, I produce my large graphite drawings. My early artistic influences were the fine art photographers Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen, the mezzotints of JMW Turner and John Constable and more recently the etchings and aquatints of Norman Ackroyd.”

Island 1, Thorns Nest – John Dearing

John Dearing is a Landscape Artist specialising in Printmaking; in particular Collagraph Prints and Plates. He works from first hand observational sketch’s and inward looking retrieval, in terms of memory too create an equivalent of what is seen and absorbed. To find and then explore the patterns and rhymes of nature in flux. To achieve both a heightened truth and spirit of place. Evoking the sublime wonder with the underlying melancholia of nature’s survival, struggle, mystery and impermanence. His current work focuses on islands to explore these ideas and themes.  

Space Bowls – Sasha Wardell

Sasha Wardell is known for her pioneering approach in moving forward the traditional process of bone china production. She is recognised internationally for her work, and her innovative approach, a focus based on taking an age-old craft to a higher level. Her carefully produced distinctive work embraces and reflects contemporary taste and lifestyle. Each piece is individually made using bespoke advanced industrial processes that Sasha has personally developed.

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