Spring Exhibition

‘The Ferry IV’ screen print by Clare Curtis

16th March 2023 – 8th May 2023

Exhibition featuring works by Clare Curtis & Anna Lambert

Chiefly a lino cutter, but also producing lithographs and screen prints, Clare Curtis’ work reflects her passion for British 20th century art and design and although the subject matter may vary a love of plants, gardens and her coastal environment means they inevitably find their way into much of her work. 

‘All Hallows’ screen print by Clare Curtis

Anna Lambert is a Craft Potters Association Fellow.

Anna makes hand built earthenware ceramics for wall and table that relate to place. Using a range of techniques including altered clay slabs, modelling and painted slips, Anna‘s new work reflects a growing interest in her locality and to the fragile and constantly changing environment, responding to places as diverse as flooded valleys, degraded moorland and bird filled hedgerows. Inspired by Romanticism and new nature writing, she is engaging with a common language beyond pastoral sentimentality – interpreting memories and observation through drawing to make best use of the abstract nature of pots, their spaces, edges and surfaces, and developing a new range of techniques to alter, impress and colour the clay parts.

Anna Lambert – CPA Fellow

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