Spring Exhibition

16th March 2022 – 8th May 2022

Join us for the preview:

Wednesday 16th March, 12.00pm to 2.00pm for refreshments.

Since retiring from a career at Hull School of Art & Design, Malcolm and Mandy have started a new life in Devon, returning to the city to present this inspiring exhibition of ceramics and paintings.  Many of Hull’s artists and designers will remember this husband-and-wife team as inspirational tutors and knowledgeable mentors.

Mandy Race Ceramics.

Mandy began her career in textile design, graduating from the prestigious Goldsmith’s University.  She has exhibited in many exhibitions, e.g., at the ICA London and more recently at the Earth & Fire International Ceramics Fair in Nottingham. With a professional portfolio of textiles, her work has been represented in publications and has led to a career in delivering textile design courses at undergraduate level.  Mandy has taught across the UK and in 1990, she became the Course Leader for BA Hons Textiles 1990-2013 at Hull School of Art & Design, inspiring many generations of designers.  This prolific knowledge of surface pattern has led Mandy to discover ceramics. 

“My porcelain pots are inspired by the rocky coastal weathered Devon landscape.   They are three dimensional drawings using mark making into the soft clay, creating texture, and eroding the surfaces of the pots with sgraffito. These tiny vessels are linked to nature with each pot having individual character, not only like the coast but also like a small person. They are used to display dried wildflower seed heads found whilst out walking, helping to concentrate the eye on the tiny intricacies of nature often overlooked for their structural beauty. “

Malcolm Race Paintings.

Malcolm studied fine art painting and sculpture at the Leeds Polytechnic (now Leeds Metropolitan University) from 1971 – 74. He has shown in many exhibitions including the ICA London and throughout the country.  Malcolm inspired generations of artists by establishing and teaching on many of the courses at the Hull School of Art & Design, – the most recent being the BA (hons) Fine Art Course Leader from 2006 – 2010. 

“For me painting is about the wonderful world of colour, the qualities of the pigment and the infinite possibilities of application. While painting I am constantly surprised by the resulting unique effects and recognise that the natural landscape mirrors these constant changes, feeding my painting and giving me fresh inspiration.  This new direction in my painting has been highlighted by my move to Devon with its different surroundings of steep hills and contours of hedgerow”. 

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